The Ten: Countries or areas with no Adventists

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1. Tokelau, South Pacific Division

Population: 1500

2. Brunei, Southern Asia Pacific Division

Population: 428,000

3. Comoros, Southern Africa-Indian Ocean Division

Population: 813,000

4. Djibouti, East-Central Africa Division

Population: 957,000

5. Falkland Islands, South American Division

Population: 3400

6. Maldives, Southern Asia Division

Population: 436,000

7. Monaco, Inter-European Division

Population: 38,000

8. Iran, Middle East and North Africa Union

Population: 81,000,000

9. Jersey, Trans-European Division

Population: 100,000

10. Somalia, East-Central Africa Division

Population: 14,740,000

Data taken from the Seventh-day Adventist Church’s Office of Archives, Statistics and Research’s 2017 Annual Statistical Report. “No Seventh-day Adventists” refers to a total of zero churches, companies and church membership, as per the statistics in this report.

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