Vegie Delights seeks creative, delicious recipes

The canned range has been around since 1912.

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“Changing lives every day through whole person health.”

This is the purpose of Adventist Church-owned Life Health Foods. The Life Health Foods business and its more than 270 employees in Australia and New Zealand are passionate about producing great tasting, healthy and convenient plant-based foods.

In 2014 the business acquired Sanitarium’s Vegie Delights brand and has since been dedicated to building on the brand’s longstanding history. Which is no easy feat. After all, the Vegie Delights canned range—including iconic products such as Nutmeat and Nutolene—has been around since 1912.

“It is the first packaged vegetarian meals range made and sold in Australia, and many families have relied on these products for their versatility and convenience for generations,” says Life Health Foods Australia general manager Dean Epps.

“The recipes have become wonderful memories for people over time. Positive memories of family time; memories of special occasions over food—long before vegetarianism or veganism were trendy. I am a Nutmeat fan through and through—sorry Nutolene lovers!

“In all seriousness though, even after 100-plus years, the canned range is not taken for granted by us. These products were pioneering when launched and we keep that pioneering spirit going today in everything that we do. We are committed to making these products for as long as it is viable.”

To keep up with times and to meet younger generations’ expectations, the Vegie Delights range—including the canned products—underwent a major packaging design change in 2018.

Mr Epps explains: “We appreciate that buying foods in a can format is off many people’s radar in today’s day and age. That’s one of the reasons why we have refreshed our packaging and that’s why we want to encourage our loyal customers to continue to share their recipes and serving suggestions to show how versatile and delicious these products really are.”

Share your favourite recipes using products from the Vegie Delights canned range. Vegie Delights is giving away $A1000 in prize money this February for the most creative and delicious ideas. Head to for more information.

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