Book Review: David’s Triumph

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David’s Triumph
Brad Watson

I hesitate to describe books as un-put-down-able.  But I’m about to do just that for David’s Triumph. Because it really is.

The final book in Dr Brad Watson’s trilogy of stories about David—following on from Finding David and David’s Revenge—truly is one of those books that you pick up and don’t put down again until you’ve read it from cover to cover.

It seems a shame to say goodbye to the characters we’ve come to know over the course of the trilogy, but David’s Triumph is a fitting conclusion. Relationships are tested, boundaries pushed, friendships mended and loved ones lost in this story. There’s also the challenge of needing to win the Newcastle Triathlon. But through it all, David and his mates are as adventurous as ever, and continue to grow together in the things they experience.

David’s Triumph is described as a tale of love, loss, decision making and finding the strength to carry on. It’s also about friendship, family and faith.

The friendship and family challenges and joys keep the story intriguing, and are crafted in believable ways. There aren’t always simple, clean resolutions. Death and grief are realities. Real happiness and success aren’t always easy to come by—but they can be found.

The author beautifully weaves a spiritual theme through David’s Triumph, blending the experiences of loss and difficulties with growing personal relationships with God. It’s a beautiful reminder that we can encounter God in a variety of ways, and that He’ll always make the effort to reach us where we are and in ways that resonate with us.

Aimed at teen guys, David’s Triumph is an eminently accessible read. Whether you’ve been on board with the series from the beginning or this is the first of the three books you read, it won’t disappoint. Grab a copy today—or pick up the three books as a complete set—but good luck putting it down once you start reading it!

David’s Triumph is available from Adventist and some other Christian bookstores around Australia or check out

Adele Nash is a freelance writer from Cooranbong, New South Wales.

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