A resource to share: new Kingdom Come films dig deeper into Bible prophecies

A behind-the-scenes look at an interview in the latest episodes of Kingdom Come.

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The documentary trilogy Kingdom Come came to a conclusion with the premiere of parts two and three at the North New South Wales (NNSW) Big Camp on April 15. Kingdom Come: Dominion and Downfall complete the series that explores biblical prophecy through stunning visuals, powerful storytelling and expert insights.

The project was spearheaded by former NNSW president Pastor Justin Lawman with the first film, Kingdom Come: Destiny, garnering widespread success and leading to the creation of the subsequent films. Destiny has been translated into eight languages and reached nearly 20 million online views.

According to NNSW president Pastor Adrian Raethel, the goal is to create a documentary that speaks to people’s hearts and minds, helping them understand the Gospel’s good news through Bible prophecies. “Kingdom Come offers a message of hope and unity in a world filled with confusion and division,” said Pastor Raethel.

The launch event, attended by hundreds, garnered excitement and praise for the series’ potential to inspire and encourage viewers in their faith. NNSW communications coordinator Henrique Felix commented that the series is a powerful evangelism tool, enabling church members to share the message of salvation. “This is media outreach at its best and I’d encourage our church members to not only watch it but also share it with others,” Mr Felix added.

The films are available for free at kingdomcome.com.au and will be distributed to churches, broadcast networks and Christian organisations worldwide. The producers hope that the series will spark conversation, inspire ministry ventures, and serve as a catalyst for sharing the message of salvation. “The unique blend of experts, historians, authors and commentators promises to engage audiences around the world,” said producer Kyle Vincent.

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