CPC celebrates amazing growth at session

All three executive officers were returned. Pastor Glenn Townend said a prayer for them.

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The Central Papua Conference’s third constituency meeting was held from November 25-27 at the Gateway Hotel, Port Moresby.

Almost 250 delegates from across 128 organised churches attended the “Arise and Shine! Jesus is Coming” meetings, along with Pastor Glenn Townend, president of the South Pacific Division, and Papua New Guinea Union Mission (PNGUM) executives.

Votes are counted under the watchful eye of Pastor Kepsie Elodo, PNGUM president.

All executive officers were retained for the next five years—president Pastor Kove Tau, secretary Pastor Rex Koi and chief financial officer Max Lassah.

Only three departmental appointments were confirmed. The rest were referred to the Executive Committee.

The Conference has experienced significant growth in recent times.

“The Conference has grown more than 10 per cent in the past five years—this is amazing growth,” said Pastor Townend.

This led to a recommendation that Conference administration update the constitution to reflect the growth in the number of delegates and representatives from the churches.

“The Church doing community service projects, community health support, disciple-making training, Bible reading groups, satellite evangelism in local churches, have all contributed [to the growth],” said Pastor Townend. “[CPC is] a very mission-focused Church—discipleship is key!”

According to attendees, the session was filled with lots of prayer and soul searching.

Associate PNGUM secretary Pastor Allen Akili farewelled outgoing CPC education director Peter Iga following his 40 years of distinguished service to Adventist education.

Mr Iga retired from active service as did Anne Korup from the Pacific Adventist University clinic.

Peter Iga is farewelled by Pastor Allen Akili.
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