Students raising funds for farmers

Year 9 student Genevieve is getting behind the project.

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Students at Wahroonga Adventist School (Sydney, NSW) are hoping a little coin can go a long way to help drought-impacted Australian farmers.

They are busy collecting 5c coins as part of a fundraising project to support the farmers. Jars have been placed in each classroom to collect the coins. At the end of the project, the class that assembles the longest trail of 5c coins will be treated to a special morning tea supplied by the Year 9 students.

The fundraiser is being organised by secondary science teacher Renee Stanculescu, who has a number of farming friends. It has given her an opportunity to explain to the students the impact the drought is having on the farmers’ livelihoods.

Year 9 students Genevieve and Jonathan with some of the coins collected so far.

“They are aware of [the drought] but they don’t understand how it works, how it begins and how it ends,” she said. “With the rain last weekend, some of the children asked me whether the drought was over.

“With the older kids, I have been very honest and shown them pictures of the [drought-affected] animals and I think it really kicked in and showed them what it’s all about.”

Ms Stanculescu is hoping the school can raise $A10,000 for the farmers through the coin campaign and a couple of other initiatives. She has been encouraged to see the coins rolling in—one class has already filled two and-a-half jars.

The coin trails will be assembled on October 26, as part of an Agriculture Day that Ms Stanculescu is organising, where she is planing to “turn the school into a farm”.

“It’s a work in progress and it’s amazing what the power of praying and power of people can do,” she said. “I’m hoping that it turns out to be something that is really beneficial.”

Anyone who would like to donate 5c coins can leave them at the school reception or at the nearby Adventist Book Centre in the Sydney Adventist Hospital until October 25.

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