Signs of the Times now on radio and podcast

Kent "DJ" Kingston in the studio.

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Regular FaithFM listeners have become familiar with the distinctive upbeat marimba intro of Signs of the Times Radio, which plays on Monday evenings and is repeated through the week.

Wanting to get Signs out to a larger audience, Kent Kingston, who was recently appointed editor of the magazine, kicked off the weekly half-hour program in March.

“Basically, it’s an interview show,” Mr Kingston said. “All we do is find someone who can explore the themes raised in an article in the current Signs magazine—it could be the author or someone else with expertise on the topic. Naturally, I’m looking for a person who interviews well—articulate, energetic, informed.”

Guests so far have included US author and apologist Clifford Goldstein, Adam Ramdin (presenter of the Reformation Lineage video series) and Carol Boehm, who shared a college dorm room with a student who joined David Koresh’s cult and perished in the 1993 Waco siege.

“I really got to enjoy interviewing interesting people during the Record InFocus TV days,” said Mr Kingston. “I didn’t want to lose that experience and, honestly, radio is so much more forgiving than TV. You can wear what you like, edit out all the ums and ahs and boring bits, and interview people interstate or overseas via phone or Skype.”

Each episode of Signs of the Times Radio is also available as a podcast on SoundCloud and iTunes. “So that takes the potential audience from FaithFM’s 100 regional stations around Australia to the whole planet,” said Mr Kingston. “And it’s an archive of podcast episodes that people will stumble across for months and years afterwards. You just never know who it will impact.”

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