Adventists encouraged by communal prayer

(L-R): Mirriam Katongo, Wayne Krause, Sonia Castro, Steve Currow, Adrian Raethel.

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Seventh-day Adventists were among the many churches represented at the 2018 Sydney Prayer Breakfast, with representatives from the South Pacific Division, Greater Sydney Conference, Adventist Media and Sydney Adventist Hospital in attendance.

More than 1400 people attended this morning’s event held in the Grand Ballroom at the International Convention Centre, including New South Wales Governor David Hurley and Premier Gladys Berejiklian.

Author and social critic Os Guinness from the United States was the main speaker, discussing the meaning of freedom and how history affects our present. His talk was followed by communal prayer for the poor and marginalised, young people and those involved in the educational sphere, media, business professionals, civic and church leaders.

“At a time when Christian voice in the public sphere is being minimised, it’s really encouraging to see 1400 people—including politicians—come together in prayer,” said SPD communications director Steve Currow.

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