Review: The Curse

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The Curse: A True Story
Cheryl Summers

Love and hate, elation and despair, highs and lows—these are the realities by which many live their lives. This is the result of the great controversy, the battle for allegiance of all people, between the forces of good and the forces of evil. For Cheryl Summers—a pseudonym adopted “due to the sensitive nature of her true story”—it began with her, as a teenager, finding fun and fascination with her friends through a mix of alcohol, drugs and a fascination with the occult through séances.

As told in The Curse, the devil was happy to make his presence felt with paranormal effects, inciting fear and a search for security, putting Cheryl on a course to find peace. But he made sure that she found it in all the wrong places—abusive relationships, alcohol, pregnancy and the birth of her daughter followed, echoing the experience of many hurting people in the communities around us. The devil’s hatred knows no bounds, and he eventually targeted Rachel—Cheryl’s baby girl—to crush her thirst for better things.

But—as the scriptures put it—where sin abounds, grace abounds much more, and God’s pursuit of Cheryl was intentional and very patient. Now available in book form as The Curse, her story reminds us that we can enter the story of people like Cheryl, to make a difference and help put their feet on a different path—and God made sure that happened for her. The last chapter hasn’t yet been written for her, but Cheryl no longer fears her opponent. She has found that God is in the business of bringing victory and change in the lives of His children, and to give a peace that the devil cannot take away.

The Curse is a story that should be read by everyone. It pulls back the curtain on the world in which we live, reminding us that every choice we make matters.

Kevin Geelan is sales manager for Adventist Media. The Curse is available from Adventist Book Centres in Australia and New Zealand or can be ordered from

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