Review: Hooked by a feel-good book

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Live More Happy: Scientifically Proven Ways to Lift Your Mood and Your Life (Signs Publishing, 2018)
Dr Darren Morton

I’ve never been an overly optimistic person—I always think people who look on the bright side all the time are just not being realistic. So, when reviewing Live More Happy fell to me, I wondered whether those setting the task were giving some sort of a hint. I hoped the book would not just be all about laughing and clapping your hands but could give solid evidence about why I should live more happy.

It did not disappoint.

This is Dr Darren Morton’s second book about the strategies for boosting emotional wellbeing and becoming happier. As such, Live More Happy is largely an expanded and deeper version of his previous Seven Secrets for Feeling Fantastic. In the intervening 10 years, Morton has found people who put the content of the book into practice experience a 30 per cent reduction in depressive symptoms, anxiety and stress, and a 20 per cent improvement in their mental health and vitality. I decided to give it a go.

From the first page, I was hooked. Who would have thought reading the research published about the human brain could be so interesting? By using nicknames for the various parts of the brain and personal anecdotes to explain the brain’s workings, Morton has written a scientifically-based book that everyone can enjoy. While the book reads lightly, there are also comprehensive references at the end of each chapter for those who want to check the evidence.

Even just reading Live More Happy brings a smile to your face. I found myself laughing out loud in various chapters, so I could feel it doing me good already. And the handy acronyms and application exercises help you focus on the different aspects of your life you can change.

With the New Year and those resolutions now being put to the test, Live More Happy is a great pick-me-up, as we can all do with a bit more happiness in our lives.

Join the journey toward living more, feeling better and finding happiness. Celebrate the launch of Live More Happy with Dr Darren Morton at Avondale College of Higher Education. And purchase the book at the launch-only price of $A20. Presented by Avondale and Signs Publishing. Avondale Libraries (Lake Macquarie campus), Thursday, February 8, 6 pm.

Live More Happy is available from Seventh-day Adventist bookstores in Australia and New Zealand.

Sonia Knight is resources manager at Adventist Media, Warburton, Victoria.

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