Review: Okay, All Together Now . . .

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Okay, All Together Now . . .
Don Jacobsen 

The best way to describe Okay, All Together Now is that it is a collection of articles. Not essays, as described on the back cover. Just simple articles, most of which only fill a couple of pages.

But, oh, the content of those articles! As promised in the sub-title, they do contain simple strategies to help transform your church into a house of prayer. There are no big words requiring a dictionary. You could read an article as part of a devotional reading, whether to commence a church board meeting, a prayer meeting or family worship, such is its simplicity.

Even the content titles are interesting. Here are some of them: Then the Target Moved; We Know You Folks; The Problem with Prayer Requests; You Scratch My Back; Us and Our Memes; Sanctified Ambulance Chasers . . . Of course, there’s more—58 in total—but if you think from the titles there is a leaning toward flippancy, I can assure you there is none.

The author himself, Don Jacobsen, writes a weekly blog for the website. HOPE is an acronym for Houses of Prayer Everywhere. This book is the result of countless requests to republish his blogs in print form.

Whether you’re seeking a spark for your next sermon idea or small-group discussion-starter or looking to reignite your church through the power of prayer, Okay, All Together Now will encourage and inspire you.

Okay, All Together Now is available from Adventist Book Centres in Australia and New Zealand. 

Christine Miles is Adventist Book Centre manager in Auckland, New Zealand.

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