Reaching the rich

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Have you ever wondered how to introduce Christ to a wealthy person who appears to be “in need of nothing”? Consider these thoughts from one of my favourite authors.

“It is by no casual, accidental touch that wealthy, world-loving, world-worshiping souls can be drawn to Christ. These persons are often the most difficult to access. Personal effort must be put forth for them by men and women imbued with the missionary spirit, those who will not fail or be discouraged.”1

Ellen White goes on to say that many Christians assume that in order to reach the wealthy, they themselves must adopt a similar lifestyle. An appearance of wealth, a fancy home, expensive clothes and cars, conformity to worldly ways, high-class culture and well-polished language are thought to be essential. But she says, “this is an error.” This is “not God’s way” of reaching the affluent.

The author concludes that the thing that will reach the wealthy most effectively is “a consistent, unselfish presentation of the gospel of Christ”.2

Maybe next time I’m tempted to upscale my lifestyle “so that I can reach the wealthy”, I need instead to spend more time studying and reflecting the humble, unselfish teacher of Galilee.

  1. White, Ellen G, Ministry of Healing, 213
  2. 1 Corinthians 2:1-5
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