Teenager uses holiday break to conduct an evangelistic program

Pathfinder preacher Inoke Kini.

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School holidays are usually a time when students like to relax and hang out with their friends but 16-year-old Inoke Kini from Suva Adventist College (Fiji) conducted an evangelistic program instead.

The Year 11 student, who attends Maranatha Seventh-day Adventist Church in Tebara district, committed his holiday break to conducting two-weeks of evangelism meetings in his home village of Lakena. In doing so he had to forgo attending one of Fiji’s more significant events—the Hibiscus Festival—which is very popular with young people.

The tent where the meetings were held was erected by Kini’s Methodist family and friends. Decorations were organised by a 12-year-old Methodist boy, while the mission team who supported Kini throughout the program were made up mainly of Pathfinders from his local church.

Inoke with his pastor Willy Egeegesia.

Kini’s mother, his father and the Maranatha church members were his keen supporters. Other people who assisted him included his brother and a deacon from a nearby Methodist church.

The program ended well with four precious souls being led to Jesus, including Kini’s father, his older brother and the deacon who assisted him to erect the meeting tent. The baptisms were conducted on September 2.

A church has been planted in the village of Lakena as a result of Kini’s evangelistic initiative.

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