Collaboration key for church communicators

Kym Piez, AUC communication liaison, shares the vision for the advisory.

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Church communication staff from around Australia met for the first communication advisory in a number of years on July 17-18, after Digital Discipleship 2017.

Organised by the Australian Union Conference and hosted by Adventist Media, the meetings featured productive talks about the future of church communications, adapting to digital technologies and branding the Church.

Nic Coutet presents on Monday morning.

Associate communication director for the Seventh-day Adventist world Church, Pastor Sam Neves, attended the two-day think tank to inform attendees about communications at the General Conference, as well as updates on Adventist branding and identity, a project begun in part, in the South Pacific Division (SPD). Pastor Neves paid tribute to the branding work begun by James Standish when he was SPD communication director.

Apart from conference communication officers from the AUC, North NSW, Sydney, WA, South Queensland and Victoria, attendees included the Adventist Record team, head of editorial Tracey Bridcutt, SPD communication director Steve Currow, Hope Channel director Wayne Boehm and Adventist Media CEO Kalvin Dever. Also in attendance, artist and designer Shelley Poole, who worked on visual identity, presented a session on communicating with the Millennial generation in Australia.

“There was a very real sense of togetherness, a willingness to collaborate and work together,” said Jarrod Stackelroth, Adventist Record editor.

“I think in the next few years, we will see some amazing messages produced by the church communications departments that will help further the gospel message. And the seeds were planted at these meetings.”

Sam Neves, General Conference associate communication director, shares the progress on church branding and identity.
Communication professionals came from around Australia.
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