Friday, October 30, 2020
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South Australian youth reach out to struggling international students

For international students unable to afford flights to return home, receive government support or find employment in a struggling economy, the food is hugely appreciated.

The Ten: Bible verses to get you through exam season

To all the students (and lecturers) currently experiencing the stress of "mad May", this list is for you.

Young and alone

The Church is losing its brightest and best.

Avondale community challenged to learn, live, love

Commissioning a personal and corporate challenge for staff and students at Avondale.

Scientist and creationist?

It is possible to be a woman of God and a woman of science? Christiana Leimena shares her story.

Not alone at uni

There are so many uncertainties when you enrol at university. There is one thing that is certain, though, and that is that Jesus has promised to be with you throughout your time at university.


A new slogan and marketing campaign launched by my other higher education provider earlier this year has caught my attention—and imagination.

Students want to talk

I received a message from a uni student one evening: “Hey, would you mind doing a Bible study with me sometime?” I could sense the urgency in their request, especially when they continued and said, “I’m just really struggling with the whole idea of... And

Uni clues

There’s nothing quite like the buzz you FEEL starting a new year at uni.

Chaplains impact university campuses

The missional team of Seventh-day Adventist university chaplains in Western Australia meet regularly, near the Central Business District of Perth, to pray for the growing university campus church planting movement in this State.
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