Thursday, October 22, 2020
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Tag: transformation

Finding the Silva lining

Michelle Silva hit rock bottom five years ago. This past Sabbath (July 9) she hit the waters of a baptismal pool. Her life is proof that God brings his children home.

Not the end of the story

Aaron had hit rockbottom, and then the bottom gave way again. He was paying for sex, and had given up. Then a Baby came into his life.

Bieber’s a believer

Whether or not you believe Justin Bieber's transformation is legit is up to you. But none of us should ever underestimate the transforming power of Christ.


James Standish is on a search for wisdom. "We need wisdom more than ever," he writes, "but in the crowded spaces in which we live, it is elusive."

Dealing with the devil

Have you ever made a deal with the devil?

Why Mussau matters

In 1932, Captain McLaren brought a mission boat into the unentered territory of Mussau and Emirau. There was a good reason it was unentered: when the first missionary arrived he was clubbed to death and eaten.

God’s origami

One of the things I love so much about origami is that there’s nothing special about the paper itself.
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