Monday, September 21, 2020
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My Testimony: The school that transformed my life and walk with...

When Janet Kues first started teaching at Carr Memorial Adventist Primary School in Papua New Guinea, she had no idea that the experience would transform her life.

Central Papua Conference teachers upskill in mathematics

Representing 15 of the total 17 schools in the conference, 124 teachers attended the in-service and graduation.

Students build two gardens at Macksville Adventist School

Students build two gardens at Macksville Adventist School as part of their Project Based Learning program.

Record Rewind: A formidable teacher

Mary Maud Smart had a tremendous impact on Adventist education over the course of her 46 years as a teacher, supervisor and "dreaded inspector".

Pioneer teacher: Lucy May Beavis (1883-1951)

To spend a full 41-year career entirely in primary classroom teaching is a rare and exceptional achievement.

First Adventist educator in California

Alma McKibbon is remembered as the first Adventist school teacher in California where she organised the first church school at Centralia in 1897.

Church in PNG mourns loss of Adventist pastor

Dr Aaron Lopa—one of Papua New Guinea’s (PNG) foremost Christian leaders and ministerial trainers—passed away in the early hours of Sabbath morning at Port Moresby General Hospital on April 20. He was 67 years old.
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