Monday, May 25, 2020
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Why we run

There is more to being a Christian—to running this "race"—than keeping our "eyes on the prize".

Victory in the great contest

The World Cup and the Great Controversy—are there any similarities? With the knockout rounds underway in Russia, victory awaits us in the greater heavenly conflict.

The comeback King

Reggie Miller. The North Queensland Cowboys. Everyone loves a good comeback story. But there's only one comeback King.

The incredible win

As Fiji's rugby sevens team gathered together to sing a hymn following their gold medal victory in Rio, family and friends back home were also singing their praises.

Goalkeeper chooses Sabbath over soccer

An up-and-coming soccer goalkeeper has stirred up a storm in Brazil’s sporting world by announcing that he would no longer play matches scheduled from sundown Friday to sundown Saturday.

In their shoes

Adidas and Puma. Chances are you've heard of these two brands. But do you know their origin story? It all began with two feuding brothers.

Ultimate family

Ultimate Frisbee is a sport of fast action and fabulous fun.
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