Sunday, March 7, 2021
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Tag: social justice

Was Aunty Ellen a social justice advocate?

Dr John Skrzypaszek explores the neglected focus of her prophetic role.

Social justice: The practical component of the gospel

"You can have social justice without the gospel, but you can't have the gospel without social justice," writes Michaela Jones.

Book Review: For the Least of These

This quarter's Sabbath School companion book is a rallying cry to "do justice".

Church leaders call for compassionate foreign policy

Leaders of the Adventist Church in Australia have joined 11 other Australian churches to call on the Federal Government to make compassion and equity foundations of the nation’s foreign policy.

Poetic Justice for Asian Aid

Poetry enthusiasts from all over the Central Coast gathered on Thursday at Avondale College for Asian Aid’s Poetic Justice evening.

Training God’s workers

On July 1, Dr Andrea Luxton took office as president of Andrews University (US), the first Briton and the first woman to do so.

Recreating a vision and mission for worship

Music minister to present creativity in worship stream at upcoming creative arts festival.

Why you really left the church

Today, Christian literature is littered with articles about Millennials abandoning church, with various hobbyhorses being flogged to explain the exodus. So let’s look at a few of them.
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