Thursday, September 19, 2019
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Tag: Singing

There is sunshine in my soul today

"Happy" Sabbath? Hardly. The fact is going to church on a Sabbath morning can be a very harrowing experience.

Passing faith on

Pastor Glenn Townend highlights four ways of passing on faith to the next generation.

The choir and the band: A modern-day parable

A singer and a drummer each visit a new church. One stays and finds a family; the other leaves and never returns.


For Pastor Glenn Townend, singing and praising God are windows to the heart.

Singing our message

"The Adventist message should always be sung in ways that reach the intended audience," writes Pastor Glenn Townend.

Brothers: disability no barrier

One is blind, the other is wheelchair-bound. Yet nothing will stop these two brothers from serving their God.

My story: Singing for the Lord

Being disabled, Peter Dick can't work. What he can do is sing.

Victory day

It seemed like the most embarrassing day of his life, but now it is one James Standish hopes to relive, after the ultimate victory day.

New ministry brings members in Honiara

An evangelistic campaign organised by a new ministry team in Honiara, Solomon Islands, has already resulted in 25 baptisms.

The San’s 100 years in Solomon Islands

By 1913 Adventist missionaries were at work on most Pacific Islands, except Solomon Islands and Gilbert and Ellice Islands. The Australasian Church desperately wanted to take the Adventist message to the Solomons, but how?
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