Wednesday, September 23, 2020
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Pocket edition of wellbeing book released

A new pocket edition of Live More Happy offers opportunities to share its insights into emotional wellbeing with family and friends, as well as the wider community.

Seeds for today

For centuries, human beings have enjoyed the notion of burying things in time capsules to pull them out again in the future. But have we started to do this with our own faith?

Signs needs you!

This Sabbath, August 25, every Adventist church in Australia and New Zealand will receive an extra batch of new-look Signs. Kent Kingston explains how you can use them to reach your community.

Our faith is made for sharing

. . . and that is what we'll do.


How sharing together can unlock your mind.


Pastor Glenn Townend used to delete the barrage of junk mail that would show up in his email inbox. Now he replies to every one. Why?

Messy messages

Ever had a moment your life changed? It might be an event, a day, a loss, a year, an adventure, a relationship; but somewhere along the way, you flew the cocoon and started a new direction.
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