Sunday, February 28, 2021
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Watered-down sermons

Are modern pastors preaching like Ellen White?

PNGUM weeklong youth congress results in 26 baptisms

South Pacific Division youth ministries director Dr Nick Kross, and pastor and evangelist Rome Ulia, were guest speakers for the congress.

Shorter, smarter, better

There’s nothing like your child shouting "I’ll LISTEN TO YOU IF YOU STOP HURTING ME", right in the middle of a silent and packed church service.

Group dynamics

Teachers and preachers, have you ever wondered how you could make your Sabbath School or sermon more relevant and engaging?

Beautiful words

I wonder if it’s happened to you too? I recently heard a terrific sermon. To help illustrate his points, the preacher used PowerPoint. The presentation had great eye-catching pictures and a slick design. But there was a problem.
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