Thursday, April 2, 2020
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Tag: Satan

Fact or fiction?

Adventists aren't immune to the allure of fake news.

28 Fundamentals: The day I attended an exorcism—my own!

The Seventh-day Adventist Church's newest Fundamental Belief was introduced in response to concerns from Adventists in developing nations who requested a statement on spiritual warfare. Yet perhaps it is those in the West who are most in need of guidance in this area. (Fundamental Belief #11)

Saved from dinosaur panic

An Adventist perspective on when, how and why dinosaurs became extinct.

More than a puzzle

Why an understanding of the great controversy isn't enough.

The Ten: Most evil Bible villains

Forget comic books and movies. For true evil and villainy, look no further than the Bible.

Find your self

It's the age of the selfie, but we are still called to selflessness.

Blessed to blind

Are your blessings from God or from Satan?

Larry’s lions

Satan is a lion. He will eat you given the chance.

Hope shines

The Martin Place shooting. Planes mysteriously exploding and crashing. Fighting in Syria. Multiple terror attacks in Paris. And all this in under a year. What are we to make of our crazy world?

And God saw that [you are] good

It's amazing how one simple comment can destroy every shred of self-confidence.
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