Wednesday, December 1, 2021
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Tag: Satan

Blessed to blind

Are your blessings from God or from Satan?

Larry’s lions

Satan is a lion. He will eat you given the chance.

Hope shines

The Martin Place shooting. Planes mysteriously exploding and crashing. Fighting in Syria. Multiple terror attacks in Paris. And all this in under a year. What are we to make of our crazy world?

And God saw that [you are] good

It's amazing how one simple comment can destroy every shred of self-confidence.

Where was God at Auschwitz?

Why do bad things happen to good people? There probably isn’t a bigger question in religion.

Jesus who?

The picture of Jesus is in jeopardy. It's not that people don't like him—he's still extremely popular. It's that people no longer understand who he is or what he stands for.

Simple formula for a complex world

It's estimated that there are about 4200 religions on earth today. However, we should never let what divides us theologically divide us as human beings. We are, after all, all children of the same God.

No strings attached

Are we people or puppets?

Wilson says Satan trying to destroy Church

Seventh-day Adventist world Church president, Dr Ted Wilson, said Satan was using every means at his disposal to try to destroy the Adventist Church and neutralise its mission of proclaiming Jesus’ soon coming.

Called to the worship of God

Tragically there are still those who are trying to bring God down to the level of their understanding or viewpoint.
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