Monday, March 30, 2020
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We can learn a lot from how the early Christians reacted during times of plague.

Holidays and sacrifice

A Christmas thought from Pastor Glenn Townend.

Who are you living for?

Life lessons from the belly of a fish.

Step by step

The Kokoda Track hike was but a small part of a greater mission.

Sacrifice and service

Before commencing their Kokoda trek, Jarrod and his family took some time to look back.

The Ten: Pacific missionaries who died far from home

Lest we forget . . . those who have gone before us.

Record Rewind: Speared! The supreme sacrifice

The story of Brian Dunn.

The Easter song

Pastor Glenn Townend reflects on the most significant Easter song ever written.

28 Fundamentals: Jesus—An intentional plan

Kesaia Vasutoga says Christmas is the ideal time to look back at the birth of Christ AND forward to His soon return. (Fundamental Belief #4)

Humble God

Jesus was naked on the cross. They never show that in the church-authorised depictions. It begs the question: have we Christians failed to recognise the radical nature of the jagged descent Jesus chose to make?
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