Tuesday, October 20, 2020
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Tag: resilience

ADRA Fiji trains community in home gardening

ADRA training is like an "oasis in the desert" for villages preparing for the dry season.

Resilient disciples needed

Our world is a hostile environment. In order for Christianity to survive, it needs "extremophile disciples".

Family-focused conference challenges

Approximately 105 people from across the South Pacific Division attended this year’s National Christian Family Conference, held at the Clinical Education Centre at Sydney Adventist Hospital from July 20-21.

We will rise

You couldn’t blame the people of Ajuy, Philippines, if they simply gave up, packed up and moved on. Every year the 47,000 people who call this coastal district home bear the brunt of 20 typhoons as they whip west across the Pacific.


I mowed the lawn two weeks ago. Nothing remarkable, I suppose, but I always feel a sense of pride when the job is done.
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