Wednesday, October 21, 2020
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Tag: Playful Worship

Bookshelf Top 20 of 2017

The bestseller list shows customers’ preferences for locally produced books, with new-release books from Signs Publishing and cookbooks from Revive Café’s Jeremy Dixon in New Zealand regular favourites.

Kylie Stacey talks Playful Worship

Meet the mum who's inspiring a generation of parents and children to playfully worship God.

Kids’ worship sequel connects worldwide

New children's worship resource strikes a chord with parents.

Finding friends in a foreign land

Nepal, and its people, are not as foreign as we might think.

Leaders encouraged to shape lifelong faith

Shaping lifelong faith in children is incredibly exciting, as evidenced by the people who participated in a “Shaping Faith Expo” at the Maranatha Centre in June.

Expo trains faith shapers in Fiji

Children’s Ministries leaders from across Fiji gathered at Navesau Adventist High School in late August for a four-day Faith Shaper expo.

New resource for interactive kids worship

A new worship music resource, developed by mother and musician Kylie Stacey, offers new interactive music and activities to engage both children and their parents in "playful worship" at church and at home.
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