Monday, November 29, 2021
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Tag: Pain

Misunderstood and maligned

Job's wife. Furrowed brows often accompany the mere mention of her name. Why is this so?

Healing the wounds of childhood sexual abuse

A compulsory journey of reconciliation.

28 Fundamentals: Jesus—An intentional plan

Kesaia Vasutoga says Christmas is the ideal time to look back at the birth of Christ AND forward to His soon return. (Fundamental Belief #4)

An affair to forgive

"Everyone thinks forgiveness is a lovely idea—until he has something to forgive."—C S Lewis

Review: No Matter What Happens, Life is Still Beautiful!

"If you have ever thought there must be more to life or have become complacent, this book is for you."

Suffering in silence

Brought up never to raise a hand against a woman, what does a man do when his partner turns violent?

Helping the blind and deaf

Lee Dunstan stumbled through the pitch blackness, eventually falling flat on his face. The experience left him in a lot of pain and with a very important lesson.

We share in their sorrow

The loss of the Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 is a very real tragedy.

World Changers—Lindsey Sands

When I was 12, my parents split up. It was extremely traumatic. There were big arguments—the cops were even called—and then one day, just like that, Dad was gone—taken off in a police car.

The strength of women

Clunk! She heard the dull, metallic thud as the medical staff walked away. She tried to ask the doctors what sex the baby was, tried to find out why she had miscarried.
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