Thursday, January 21, 2021
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Family life 24/7 in the midst of COVID-19

If you're struggling to juggle family life, home schooling, work and staying healthy in social isolation, Edyta and Darius Jankiewicz provide some very useful ideas to help you thrive.

If you could pick an age . . .

Research has revealed an important truth: teenagers today are doing it tough. Find out what Avondale University College is doing to address this issue.


Kent Kingston makes a case for getting outside and going feral.

Students build two gardens at Macksville Adventist School

Students build two gardens at Macksville Adventist School as part of their Project Based Learning program.

The unlikely Pathfinder

She rocked up to her first Pathfinder camp in a snow-white, faux-fur hooded jacket, dragging a gigantic bright purple suitcase behind her. If there ever was a girl unprepared—and unenthusiastic—about Pathfinders, it was Maritza Brunt.

RECORD REWIND: Church in the bush

While living at Cooranbong, Ellen White often ministered without a roof over her head. No matter—"In the Lord’s great temple, the open air, the heavens our dome and the earth our floor, we can obtain hearers who otherwise would not hear."
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