Monday, June 1, 2020
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Book Review: Confessions of a Christian Wife

"I'm pretty sure a Christian wife would be a better, more real person to herself, her husband, and the people around her having read this book."

Legacy of faith

Kriselle Dawson pays tribute to her late grandmother—a matriarch of great faith who provided a spiritual compass for subsequent generations.


A pink plastic pocket mirror, slightly cracked and even a little dusty: $5. A young girl's first Mother's Day present for her mum: priceless.

A better future

Not even a typhoon can dampen a mother's desire to take care and provide for her children.

My story—Menega Sisi

Hi, my name is Menega Sisi. I’m from the Highlands of Papua New Guinea where I was brought up by my Adventist mother and stepfather and attended a church school.
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