There is power in the prayers of our children

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Springwood church, Queensland, recently concluded its annual prayer week centred around the theme of intercessory prayer. Gathering over two Sabbaths and four additional times throughout the week, people of all ages (13-80+) came together to pray, express gratitude and intercede for one another. Robynne Roussos, our prayer ministries coordinator, observed the powerful presence of the Holy Spirit during these gatherings, bringing blessings and stories of prayer that altered the destinies of nations and individuals. 

Medical doctor Rhys Cameron, known for his musical contributions on the piano or keyboard at Springwood church, recently shared a story about his two-year-old son, Jasper, and the power of his prayers. 

After weeks of dealing with an unknown painful injury in his wrist, Rhys received confirmation from a CT scan that he would need surgery as one of his carpal bones had rotated. The kind of surgery that would require upwards of six weeks recovery. 

Between the busyness of a newborn baby, a curious and energetic two-year-old and the demands of work, six weeks would be a long road to recovery. Rhys decided not only to commit the situation and injury to God in prayer, but to ask Jasper to pray. Jasper would lay his hands on Rhys each night and pray for God to heal Daddy’s wrist, then he would rub in some special cream. 

The follow-up appointment with the hand specialist was quite the surprise. After getting a second scan (an MRI) to confirm the extent of the injury, the specialist said that it was quite perplexing: the injury wouldn’t require any surgery and the ligaments were all intact. Surprising and unusual for the surgeon, but not to us. Something has made all the difference between the first and the second scans: prayer. 

Kristiina Somerville is the communications secretary at Springwood church in Queensland.

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