Tuesday, October 20, 2020
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Wahroonga Adventist School supports Legacy Week

The initiative was all about supporting the community and teaching the students about the importance of Legacy.

Sacrifice and service

Before commencing their Kokoda trek, Jarrod and his family took some time to look back.


Three men, same name. This is their story.

Why are you a Seventh-day Adventist?

Is it just because you love eating haystacks and having Saturdays off? Or is there something more . . .

Erna’s crusade

This week marks the end of an era for Erna Johnson as she retires from her role as Women’s Ministries director for the South Pacific Division. Her parting message: "abuse is not acceptable in our Church."

Justification by faith: Remembering the Reformation

Do we still believe in "the Bible and the Bible only" as the rule of faith?

A cuppa with Gordon

Do you have a Gordon in your life?

Future media

Christian media is meant to reach the unreached. But it's not happening. The truth is we're making media with one audience in mind: donors with dollars.

Legacy of faith

Kriselle Dawson pays tribute to her late grandmother—a matriarch of great faith who provided a spiritual compass for subsequent generations.

Coming home

Despite it being his first visit to South Australia's Barossa Valley, for James Standish it still felt very much like coming home.
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