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The protest is over

“Corporately, universally, we don’t need a reformation,” writes Adventist Record editor Jarrod Stackelroth. “We need a resistance movement. We need a revolution.”

Where it began

“Can it be the will of God that I go to Australia?”—Ellen White

Record Rewind: Charles James Boulting

Disowned by his wealthy Jewish family in England following his baptism, Charles set about proclaiming the Adventist message in Australia.

Review: Man-Eaters of Malekula

“Reading Man-Eaters of Malekula is like discovering a time capsule of the earliest days of Adventist missionary work in the South Pacific.”

The end of Bible prophecy?

Prophet or pretender: What are we to make of Nostradamus’ predictions, many of which seem to have come true?

Never alone

No one is perfect. But everyone is capable of redemption.