Tuesday, November 24, 2020
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Good mood foods: Can you munch your way to happiness?

Your brain works 24/7 and, just like a car, it will perform better with premium fuel.

Happy days!

Abd al-Rahman III reigned over Cordoba, Spain, for 50 years. How much of that time was spent in "pure and genuine happiness"? Fourteen . . . days.

Challenges of a consumer culture

More than 3000 times a day, we are sold the lie that we are a purchase away from happiness.

Morton on lifestyle as medicine

Meet the academic who wants you to live more happy.

Review: No Matter What Happens, Life is Still Beautiful!

"If you have ever thought there must be more to life or have become complacent, this book is for you."

My ministry—Mr Be Happy

Mambo Fangaria is missing quite a few teeth, but he has one of the most infectious smiles you’re ever likely to see.

Mr Happy Man

This was the face of the happiest man in Bermuda, perhaps even in the entire world. He died on July 10 a happy man, a hero and an Adventist.

Live more: Happy!

How looking after your Limbo can give you an emotional brain boost.


James Standish's birthday isn't until June, but he already knows what he wants. The answer may surprise you.

Health and happiness

There should be no such thing as a Seventh-day Adventist church that does not uphold principles of health.
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