Friday, June 18, 2021
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Tag: Gilbert Cangy

700 youth leaders unite for Move With The Power

More than 700 Adventists in youth leadership positions from around the South Pacific Division came together for Move With The Power from September 27 to October 1.

Sanitarium focused on employees’ spiritual wellbeing

New pastoral services manager Gilbert Cangy shares his vision.

NZPUC Youth Congress ignites faith

A recent youth congress held by the New Zealand Pacific Union Conference (NZPUC) attracted more than 240 young people, many of whom committed their lives to Christ.

Adventist youth ‘be the sermon’, break records

Hundreds of thousands of Adventist young people shared Jesus’ love in 132 countries for Global Youth Day on Sabbath, March 21, setting a new record that surpassed organisers’ expectations.

iThirst camporee underway

What an awesome sight to see thousands of Pathfinders on the parade ground moving together in disciplined units, their colourful flags fluttering in the wind.

Adventists preparing World Cup outreach

When the spotlight and crowds come to Brazil next month for the 2014 FIFA World Cup, local Seventh-day Adventists have a plan for outreach in an effort to meet international football fans with service and ministry.

Youth encouraged: ‘Be the sermon’

Hundreds of thousands of Seventh-day Adventist youth and young adults took part in service projects in neighbourhoods and communities worldwide as part of the second annual Global Youth Day.

World youth conference closes in style

Renowned brain surgeon Dr Ben Carson this past weekend implored Seventh-day Adventist youth to exercise their willpower and remain committed to God in a series of three speeches to the Seventh-day Adventist Church’s world youth conference.

Global Unity Summit urges cooperation

Seventh-day Adventist youth leaders say a recent meeting shed light on their working relationship with supporting ministries, which, for years, in some cases was marked by misunderstandings and a measure of tension.

Community service kicks off youth conference

More than 1000 Adventist young people from around the world gathered in Pretoria, South Africa, for the opening week of the Seventh-day Adventist Church’s world youth conference.
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