Monday, January 21, 2019
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Looking forward not back

After 90 days, Pastor Eddie Tupa'i's future as lead pastor (president) of the New Zealand Pacific Union Conference has been decided.

Adventist education: Core to kingdom growth

"Normally, statistics bore me but these ones just jumped off the page. I wanted to ring the conference presidents. It was awe-inspiring stuff."


Is the West the best? Well, considering we're racking up so much debt and squandering the future of our kids, the answer is definitive "No". H*** NO.

Renewed vision

"Set your minds on things above..." (Colossians 3:2). When was the last time you looked into the sky and imagined the return of Jesus?

New vision for media

Big changes are coming to Adventist Media.

Future media

Christian media is meant to reach the unreached. But it's not happening. The truth is we're making media with one audience in mind: donors with dollars.

Honesty, humility, humanity

One thing will determine whether Papua New Guinea becomes the Nigeria or Botswana of the Pacific: money management. Freedom and the future really do come at a price.

Structuring for the future

Is our current church structure still the most appropriate way of achieving our mission in Australia? That's the question the Australian Union Conference is considering as it plans for the future.

Reinventing the church

"What are you doing to reinvent church so we do not lose another young person?" asks Dr Barry Oliver.

The good life

I made a visit to the bookstore at the shopping mall to buy the latest book from social researcher Hugh Mackay. The Good Life identifies seven false leads to what makes life worth living. Here are five—you’ll have to buy the book to read the rest.
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