Thursday, October 29, 2020
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Pornography: What are we doing about it?

"We need to stand up for our children, writes Dr Danijela Schubert in this thought-provoking article.

Saved in every way

Pastor Glenn Townend opens up about his terminal disease.

Aslan is on the move

There are signs all around that God is on the move and the Holy Spirit is working. Are you part of it?

God’s decisive intervention

With chaos and catastrophe gripping our world, it would be easy to think God is inactive. So, is He? Pastor Glenn Townend discusses.

The incidental evangelist

James Standish was in the middle of an in-flight movie when he heard a voice: "Take off the headphones and talk." He didn't have to wonder Who it was.

Battle on a mountaintop

Valasi is so much more than a remote Solomon Islands school with a few timber buildings and a couple of straw huts. It’s a beacon of hope in the midst of a spiritual battlefield.

The Lord’s prayer

Our Father in heaven . . . Abba, Daddy. Your Name is so high and so holy but You’re closer than our pulsing hearts. May we uphold both Your holiness and Your closeness in our prayer.

The argument for creation

One of the arguments that can raise questions that evolutionists cannot answer in a manner consistent with their philosophical presuppositions is the argument for intelligent design.

Ten years on . . .

May 18 marked the 10th anniversary of the beheading murder of my missionary husband, Lance Gersbach, in Atoifi, Solomon Islands. We mourned the loss of a husband, father, brother and friend.
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