Monday, June 1, 2020
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Beyond reasonable doubt

Is there enough evidence to believe and justifiably prove a risen Christ?

28 Fundamentals: The why thousand years

Scott Wegener explores the reasons behind our upcoming 1000-year stopover in heaven. (Fundamental Belief #27)

Did Christ rise from the dead?

A look at the biblical evidence for the resurrection.

Fundamentalism or liberalism?

Stop picking sides. An authentic Adventist is both.

Scientist and creationist?

It is possible to be a woman of God and a woman of science? Christiana Leimena shares her story.

Ice core science

As debate over climate change brews, teams of scientists are working to recreate a history of our earth’s climate. But does the history they are finding disprove the biblical account of earth’s history?

Big questions at Newcastle University outreach

"I’m an atheist. I only came for the free food," joked Andrew, 22. But he came every night, watching the Big Questions films and listening to Dr Grenville Kent’s talks on the evidence for Christianity.


Is there a way to harmonise theistic evolution and the biblical narrative?

The three loves of John Henry Newman

What happens when the mind loses its capacity to evaluate evidence?

Some evidence for the theory of evolution just doesn’t make sense

When confronted with evidence about life on Earth, we have a choice: recognise the handiwork of our Creator, or use theories to explain Him away.
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