Thursday, December 2, 2021
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David Smith talks faith, doubt and storytelling

"Every time I hear a great sermon, I think later: OK, what hit me with the most impact? Always the stories!" says author David Smith.

There’s more to say after ‘R U OK?’

In this written Spoken Word, Janice Fereti shares how she battled doubt and anxiety, and triumphed through her spiritual journey.

Calling all doubters

At just 12 years of age, Jessica Krause was ready to walk away from her faith. When she told her dad (a pastor) about her impending decision, he had but two words to say: "That's great!"

28 Fundamentals: The why thousand years

Scott Wegener explores the reasons behind our upcoming 1000-year stopover in heaven. (Fundamental Belief #27)

Fundamentalism or liberalism?

Stop picking sides. An authentic Adventist is both.

Sharing Darwin’s doubt

Even the best of people have had their doubts at times.

High school missionary

"What do you mean you can’t go to the party on Friday night?” “You’re not going to the dance competition on Saturday. What? Are you crazy?" Being a young Adventist in a non-denominational school is no walk in the playground.

If talking to your neighbours makes you anxious, you’re not alone

What should you do when God is calling you to talk to someone new, but you're held back by fear?

Students want to talk

I received a message from a uni student one evening: “Hey, would you mind doing a Bible study with me sometime?” I could sense the urgency in their request, especially when they continued and said, “I’m just really struggling with the whole idea of... And
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