Thursday, January 28, 2021
Tags Donald Trump

Tag: Donald Trump

This is not about Donald J Trump

How can Christians show strong support for a leader who has demonstrated such significant and public moral weaknesses?

Christianising Samoa’s constitution and religious freedom in the Pacific

While it may seem ideal, a country declaring itself a Christian nation comes with a number of serious issues.

Being Adventist in a post-truth world

"When the president does it, that means that it’s not illegal," said Donald Trump's senior advisor. Wow, what a post-truth world we live in . . .

Ben Carson on track as first Adventist US Cabinet Secretary

Neurosurgeon, who grew up in poverty in Detroit, to head Housing and Urban Development department, with $48 billion budget.

The twin towers

9/11 and 11/9. Jarrod Stackelroth shares some thoughts on perhaps the two most defining days in recent American history.

2015: Uncommonly hard to manage

Grexit, the escalation of ISIS, the Paris attacks, the EU refugee crisis, Donald Trump . . . yes, 2015 was quite a year. One can only wonder what's in store for 2016.
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