Saturday, December 5, 2020
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Philippines hit with multiple magnitude 6 earthquakes

ADRA are on the frontlines distributing aid to people who have lost homes and loved ones.

Fiji: The eye of the cyclone

We all hear about the eye of the storm. George knows what it's like to be inside it.

Fiji counts the cost of Cyclone Winston

A number of Adventist churches and schools have been damaged in Fiji, as news begins to trickle in regarding the devastation wrought by Cyclone Winston.

Deadly bushfire destroys church campground

A bushfire in Western Australia’s South West has killed two people and destroyed more than 140 buildings, including several structures at a Seventh-day Adventist Church campground.

One month: snapshots from Nepal

Simon Lewis and his family lived and worked for ADRA in Nepal for four-and-a-half years before coming to work for ADRA New Zealand in late 2014. Following last month’s devastating earthquake he was rushed to Nepal to help with ADRA’s response.

Vanuatu: Give a little, to help a lot

The cyclone that struck Vanuatu recently destroyed 53 of the 85 Adventist churches in that island nation. The churches weren’t insured, and aid organisations don’t rebuild churches. So our church members are stuck.

53 churches destroyed by Cyclone Pam

The Seventh-day Adventist Church in Vanuatu is trying to remain positive as they look to rebuild after Cyclone Pam but the situation is dire.

Cyclone Pam’s devastation becomes clear

At least 18 churches in Vanuatu have been completely destroyed by Cyclone Pam, affecting around 2400 church members.

Four churches destroyed in Port Vila

While reports of the damage Cyclone Pam wreaked in Vanuatu are still coming in and aid agencies and clean-up teams begin the recovery work, the Adventist church is also counting the cost of the disaster.
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