Tuesday, November 12, 2019
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The choir and the band: A modern-day parable

A singer and a drummer each visit a new church. One stays and finds a family; the other leaves and never returns.


A small poem about the "greatest of these".

Aslan is on the move

There are signs all around that God is on the move and the Holy Spirit is working. Are you part of it?

Review: Burst the Bubble

A book to help us reclaim our "mission of turning the world upside down".

28 Fundamentals: A church with no walls

Braden Blyde says it's time to begin breaking down the walls of church—the physical and chronological, and even the theoretical ones too. (Fundamental Belief #12)

Trauma and the Church (Part 1)

How the Bible's trauma narrative affects the way we do church.

Blind spots

Pastor Brad Kemp sheds some light on a significant problem in our churches: "people blindness".

What is the church?

Looking for a church? Perhaps you should go home.

Challenges of a consumer culture

More than 3000 times a day, we are sold the lie that we are a purchase away from happiness.

Why I don’t go to church

This year, assistant editor Maritza Brunt has decided to stop going to church. Here's why.
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