Sunday, November 1, 2020
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Tag: Christians

Being Adventist in a post-truth world

"When the president does it, that means that it’s not illegal," said Donald Trump's senior advisor. Wow, what a post-truth world we live in . . .

The twin towers

9/11 and 11/9. Jarrod Stackelroth shares some thoughts on perhaps the two most defining days in recent American history.

In the shadow of the back door

This is a true story of struggle with faith, belonging and church, told from the heart.

The 17-year project

What would Desmond Doss have thought of the new Hacksaw Ridge movie? Nathan Brown sits down with film producer and Doss's close friend Terry Benedict to find out.

Muslim relations conference a success

Attendees at a series of Maitland Adventist Church (NSW) meetings focused on connecting with Muslims were enthusiastic about the principles and information they’d gained from the line-up of international guests who spoke at the September 22-25 event.

Fundamentalism or liberalism?

Stop picking sides. An authentic Adventist is both.

Bieber’s a believer

Whether or not you believe Justin Bieber's transformation is legit is up to you. But none of us should ever underestimate the transforming power of Christ.


The social media storm over the "War on Christmas" has begun, with "stupid Christians" being blamed for the swell of negativity.

Strength through adversity

There is backlash from both sides for the Christian man or woman who struggles with same-sex attraction but chooses to obey God’s law.

Influence starts with trust not burnt bridges

Following last month’s second arson attack on the Toowoomba mosque this year, the city has rallied around the Muslim community. Local Christians and church leaders have been among those who have shown the strongest support.
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