Friday, September 17, 2021
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Tag: character

A ministry of possibilities

REACH International's Gerson Roeske reminds us of our responsibility to care for orphaned children.

Discipleship and family life

Dr Edyta Jankiewicz reflects on the discipleship experiences that have impacted her life and her family.

Does our faith hang on one word?

Were early Adventist biblical scholars unsophisticated, or were they exceptionally deep thinkers and researchers? The answer may hinge on one word (and it's not one you'd think).


If there was ever a person who was cool, calm and collected, it was Jesus.

New association for Adventists in public office

Some 21 leaders from 10 countries—including several from the South Pacific Division—came together for the first meeting of the World Adventist Public Officials Association (WAPOA) last month.

God is love

God is love. Three short words that encompass the whole universe.

Crowds and character

When Jesus was here He was pretty amazing. Come to think of it, He is still pretty amazing!
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