Wednesday, January 22, 2020
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For all the mountains we climb

A word of encouragement for the start of a new year.

Step by step

The Kokoda Track hike was but a small part of a greater mission.

Roger Hernandez talks about writing ‘helpful truth’

The pastor and author of 14 books opens up about his ministry and writing—and his ministry of writing.

A challenging call

God's call to stay is often harder to accept than His call to leave.

PhD research shows impact of overseas professional experience on pre-service teachers

Challenging overseas professional experiences fostering a sense of freedom and belonging lead to better learning for pre-service teachers, research by an Avondale lecturer shows.

PNG Adventists in politics: opportunities and challenges

Most people avoid politics like the plague. Yet in Papua New Guinea, more and more Adventists are stepping into the political arena.

3 testimony clangers I never want to hear again

Smoking, drinking, drugs, parties, women . . . it's all par and parcel of a good Christian testimony. But after 40 years of hearing these stories, Kent Kingston has had enough.

Mega Project Hope PNG

In a landmark achievement for Adventist television, Mega Project Hope PNG saw 303 30-minute TV programs filmed in just 20 days at locations around Papua New Guinea (PNG).

Three years of forever

Jarrod Stackelroth reflects on three happy—and hard—years of marriage.

Attitude of gratitude

At 53, John Kralik felt like he had hit rock bottom. Every aspect of his life seemed to be failing—relationships, family, finances and health.
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