Tuesday, October 19, 2021
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George Knight talks last-generation theology and Adventism today

Would Ellen White find acceptance in the Seventh-day Adventist Church today? Dr George Knight doesn't think so.

The unfinished Reformation

"The best days of the Reformation lie ahead," writes Dr Barry Harker.

Clear as onions

My wife, Lina, hates onions. Now I know a lot of people who prefer not to have too much onion, avoid raw onion or can only handle a little bit of it. But my wife hates them. She avoids them like the plague.

Heavenly or humanly?

Authority. People have different attitudes to authority. Some respect it, some ignore it, some blatantly reject it, some hoard it, others pander to it or crave after it.

Emergency life jacket

Have you ever been in a really bad storm?


Jesus begins his ministry by doing two things: teaching and healing. Throughout the gospels these two things come up again and again.
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