Sunday, February 23, 2020
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Tag: Atoifi Adventist Hospital

Record Rewind: Speared! The supreme sacrifice

The story of Brian Dunn.

Atoifi celebrates 50 years of service

Hundreds of people, including the Solomon Islands Prime Minister, senior government and diplomatic figures and Adventist Church leaders, gathered over the weekend for the 50th anniversary of Atoifi Adventist Hospital.

Touched and changed

Joseph was destined to become a devil priest. An experience at Atoifi Adventist Hospital 23 years ago set him on a brighter path.

Nurses put training into practice

Seven trainee nurses from Atoifi Adventist Hospital recently joined Lau Valley church to run a community health program in Paru, on the island of Guadalcanal in Solomon Islands.

Lens and Betty Larwood: a tribute

Triumph and tragedy. Lest we forget the story and legacy of Lens and Betty Larwood.

Hospital begins meals program

Atoifi Hospital has implemented a feeding program, with patients being provided meals at least three days a week.

Students model in Solomons value of nursing

A fifth annual visit by Avondale nurses to a hospital on Malaita in the Solomon Islands demonstrates to local students the value of the profession.

Angels and Devil priests

With most of the nations in the South Pacific already “Christianised” and marching rapidly toward modernisation, are the opportunities to serve and spread the Gospel still available?

Atoifi and me

Thirteen nauseating hours in a very small boat. This is how eight of my nursing classmates, our lecturer and I travel from Honiara, Guadalcanal to Atoifi Adventist Hospital on Malaita.
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