Thursday, October 22, 2020
Tags Alipate Vakamocea

Tag: Alipate Vakamocea

Health message brings Suva to a standstill

The NEWSTART Health Expo march through the city took place during morning peak hour and signalled the start of a week of health emphasis.

Think&Do in practice: The impact of Avondale’s appeal for research

Avondale’s giving campaign uses a phrase from founder Ellen White to seek support for research that improves lives, but where is the evidence?

Pacific Partnership Scholarship: Meet Dr Vakamocea

The lifestyle medicine scholar is the face of Adventist health in Fiji.

CHIP for every doctor in Fiji

The Fiji Medical Association is to make the Complete Health Improvement Program available to every doctor in Fiji.

Fiji health expo attracts community

More than 200 people from the community attended the opening night of a weeklong health expo organised by the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Fiji.
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