Friday, September 25, 2020
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Tag: Adopt-a-Clinic

Park Ridge’s ‘Adopt-a-Clinic’ involvement results in 42 baptisms

The local church's commitment to rural health initiatives has strengthened community spirit in Papua New Guinea and at home in Queensland.

My Ministry: Sheets for clinics

Where most people would see waste, Susan Shelton saw a wonderful opportunity.

Partnership provides healthcare for remote community

After 13 years of campaigning, talking and hard work, a remote community in Papua New Guinea now has a clinic.

Missionary builder

Arthur Elwin Ferris died on August 13, 2014. With his passing the Church lost an advocate and a champion of the people of the South Pacific Islands.

Solomon Islands rural clinic gets facelift

A team of 17 Australians has spent 10 days sprucing up the Kukudu Rural Health Clinic in Solomon Islands, painting it inside and out and building a roof over an outdoor walkway to the maternity ward.

Two presidents open five-bed Highlands clinic

A five-bed rural health clinic with two staff houses and a church has been officially opened at Minjmu Jiwaka, in the Western Highlands of Papua New Guinea.

The Oliver interview—part 2

Dr Barry Oliver, president of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in the South Pacific, is back in the hot seat to address some of the toughest questions facing our church.

My church—Port Macquarie Adventist church

There are many ways to judge a church, but for me the place to start is the seats.

ADRA receives $2m from European Union

ADRA Solomon Islands signed the first 21 agreements out of 28 projects to be funded by the European Union.

Inside health ministry

Record interviewed South Pacific Division director of Adventist Health Ministries, Pastor Kevin Price.
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