Wednesday, October 21, 2020
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Golden anniversary for Trinity Gardens church

Trinity Gardens Seventh-day Adventist church celebrated 50 years, remembering the church founders and honouring their hard work.

Clouds in the sky

Clouds are always present but we rarely give them much thought. Yet clouds hold symbolic and literal significance in a number of biblical stories.

New president for Northern Australia

South to north: Pastor Darren Slade will leave his post in Tasmania to become president of the Northern Australian Conference.

Prayer, prostitutes and the power of love

Inconspicuous places by day: chatty school children amble past; the elderly sit out the front waiting for the bus; couples walk by hand in hand. But behind the doors of these unremarkable exteriors is an industry as much secretive as it is exposed.

Indigenous outreach comes to Adelaide

More than 100 people attended the first reported evangelistic program in Adelaide primarily aimed at Indigenous Australians.

School leaders to change temperature

Delegates from Perth to Raratonga enjoyed the opportunity to seek spiritual refreshment, network with colleagues and explore ways to partner with chaplains, pastors and parents to reach young people for Christ, through an Adventist Education conference.

Adventist shot dead

Three people are dead and one other is seriously injured following a shooting at Hectorville, South Australia today.

Living Ministry Media on Channel 44

Living Ministry Media has just signed a two-year contract with Channel 44, an Adelaide-community digital TV station. LMM is a lay run not-for-profit Christian production house managed by volunteers.
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